Scooters for Adults and Kids

At Yedoo, we’ve been dedicated to scooters since 1998. We started with children’s scooters then moved into scoot bikes and children’s bikes. Now, scooter racers wanting to compete at the elite level can get a set of our wheels to help them win.

Yedoo RunRun


Yedoo Mula Adults' Scooter

He scarcely speaks but has his say, preferring the great outdoors, maybe fishing, but no wish to chat about the weather. Safe on the road and happy in the mud of his natural habitat. Roots, needles, dry streams? Riding. As a leader of tough, draft animals with a load of up to 150 kg, he can handle anything.

Yedoo RunRun


Yedoo Mula

A sturdy, relentless machine, it skillfully maneuvers through traffic and the urban off-road; beyond the city walls it just flies untethered. The Mula is fast and compact, and its weight, reliable components and great maneuverability make it an awesome long-term friend.

Yedoo Kids


Yedoo Wzoom

A great buddy for any sort of adventure, secret ones or those where parents are also allowed. Wzoom will shorten the wait to children, who already need to be grown-ups so they can stay up till 9, eat pizza for breakfast and drive a bulldozer. Wzoom has grown up, and its appearance and speed put it on par with adult models. It has stayed light and easy to handle, and with the right accessories it’s ready to go on a longer ride out of town. And truth be told, with the loading capacity of 100 kilograms, it can even be ridden by an adult who would happily go to bed at 9, eat pizza for breakfast and drive a bulldozer.

Yedoo Kids


Yedoo Mau

“Sloow!” The first ride on their own. No one can stop them now. Our lightest, smallest model is the ideal choice for entering the world of scooters. When we design a scooter for preschoolers and school-age children, the most important specs are low weight, the right footboard height for an easy, fun ride, and of course safety (nonslip footboard, handles with reinforced ends, reflectors on the wheels and frame). There have to be the right wheels with quality ball bearings and properly inflated tyres. And a good rear wheel brake! Although for some reason, we’re not sure why, our test drivers rarely use it…

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